Fiber Laser metal cutting machine
Product Details:

Product     introduction

Fiber Laser cutting machine  are capable of cutting a wide range of designs with a greater degree of precision and accuracy than more conventional cutting machines. 

Since laser cutting machines can be fully CNC controlled, they can repeatedly and consistently produce complex and intricate parts to high tolerances.

Laser cutting also produces high-quality  cuts and edges which generally do not require further cleaning, treating, or finishing, decreasing the need for additional finishing processes.

Detail Parameters 

Pro ducts Name
1530>Fiber laser cutting machine
Model      BFT-1530
laser power      1000w/ 2000w/3000w/6000w
working area

1500*3000mm (5*10ft)

Laser source      Raycus/ Max 
control system     FSCUT(CYPUT)
Laser head     Raytools
servo motor     Japan Fuji motor and Driver
water chiller Wuhan HANLI /S&A

Graphic Format

dwg / dxf / stp

 Precision reducer Shimpo Recuer
Linear Guide Hiwin linear
X-Axis travel 1500mm
Y-Axis travel 3000mm
Z-Axis travel 150mm (customized)
Positioning   Accuracy   of   X   and   Y   axis

0.05mm/m (0.002”

Repeated positioning accuracy of X and Y axis

0.03mm  (0.001 ”)

Maximum Acceleration of X and Y axis


Assist Gasses

Air / Oxygen / Nitrogen

Working Voltage     380v
Machine Total Weight 2000kgs
Operating temperature
0 -40
Operating humidity

Machine size (W*L*H)


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